My youngest sister, Kayce, happens to be quite the talented card-maker. There isn't a holiday or occasion that isn't celebrated by a bright and original and cheery card. This card happened to include a dollar bill because this was an extra-special card to celebrate my day of birth. Kayce doesn't have many of these dollar bills so I felt extra-special because of her gift. Kayce has quite the dollar-sense and is more aware of fiscal responsibility then any other seven-year-old I know. In my more recent conversation we talked about the price of gas and her baby steer that she is raising to sell. She also did her best to determine what she should be paid to babysit our future kids. (No need to panic....we have no exciting news and shouldn't in the near future) She thought that three dollars an hour seemed about right for baby-sitting. I stated that "I wasn't sure I could afford her prices and might have to shop around" She matter-of-factly replied "well I do have college to pay for." Kayce and I think along the same lines, I guess we must be sisters.

I had a perfect celebration complete with fresh flowers, presents, cake, people I love, wine, dark chocolate, a birthday serenade(Garret made sure to that I heard his froggy voice over the phone) and the mtn bike trail of my choice. It was so good that I might be suffering, in the slightest way, from some post birthday blues.

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