Castle Peak & Bandits


The house might of made out like a bandit for Christmas, but the bandits certainly made off with the house in January. We came home last Sunday night to find that there had been unwanted visitors while we were out. The house had been ransacked and we found ourselves short quite a few personal belongings. Including all of Denver's camera equipment and cameras. Jocelyn's got us covered, for the time being, with her old set-up. Initially I felt like we should simply hang around the house and keep a careful eye on our remaining belongings. However, as you can imagine, that turned out to be decidedly boring. We quickly returned to our normal activities. Normal activities plus a little more door locking.

We've been wanting to ski Castle Peak ever since we spotted the "fortress-like" summit blocks looming overhead on a mountain bike ride this summer. The direct south facing slopes were perfect for finding some slushy corn on a warm afternoon. The coverage was a bit sparse at the top but altogether better then expected.

Working our way up

At the summit

The fun part

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  1. This makes me laugh. Not that you were robbed. The rest of it.

    ...and when did you start looking so darn cute on the mountain top? Oh that's right. You always do.