New Year, New Experience


Occasionally we feel a bit sad that our lives lack culture. We rarely attend cultural events of any sort and instead spend all our free money on gas and house renovation. So when we got the invite to join in on a weekend of wine tasting in Amador County we determined that it was about time we added a little sophistication to our normal routine. Plus the weekend included a morning at Squaw Valley. Who could turn down both wine tasting and skiing in the same day? Certainly not us.

We tagged along with the pros (B&B), pictured above, and learned the wine tasting ropes. (The pictures are ridiculously blurry, maybe squinting helps? The camera battery was left charging at home and I resorted to snapping a few photos with the broken camera on my phone.)

We met B&B our first few months in Reno. They quickly made us feel connected and at-home in our new city and I've seen them do the same for so many other people over the last year. Because of a shared love of skiing and Jesus we've remained friends. Denver and I are always talking about about how we should invite the neighbors over for dinner, or try to climb such and such, or ride a certain trail, or how we should give generously but yet be frugal with ourselves, or how we should remember to ask the check-out lady about her day. B&B don't just talk, they're some of the few that actually do ALL of that WITH three small boys in tow. It's impressive. Honestly, we could hate them for being so industrious but instead we'll just be super thankful for friends who inspire us to pack-up, head-out, and be nice. Wine tasting, skiing and good company? Yes, please.

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