Costa Rica, part III


Our absolute favorite part of Costa Rica was on the Pacific side near Dominical. Once we arrived, we knew we'd never want to leave. We spent over a week surfing at Playa Dominicalito but also really enjoyed some breaks farther north as well. Denver's parents own a beautiful lot (that we got to see in real life for the first time) just south of Playa Dominicalito and we're really hoping that someday soon there will be a house to call our home-away-from-home. Our vacation was fun but it would of really been perfect if we had a place to stay and readily available projects to keep ourselves busy in-between surfing and exploring. 


  1. Nice work. What is that rat looking animal?


  2. Thank you.

    It's an Agouti, said to weigh up to 18lbs and measure 20 inches, on average.

    We coudldn't help but think of Princess Bride and the R.O.U.S.