wishes do come true


Prone paddleboards have been on our "wish list" ever since we tried paddling around the lake on our surfboards last summer.  The surfboard method was a silly and inefficient experience so I've been scanning craigslist ever since for two real paddle boards. 

After purchasing about 50% of our remodel supplies from Amazon, from tools to half-price Hansgrohe faucets (seriously, I can't get over the selection and discounts), Denver decided to do a quick Amazon search. Lo and behold, there they were, two beautiful long sleek boards for less then half the price of a new board. My friends, forget #targetdoesitagain, it's an  #amazondoesitagain kind of world.

We took the new boards out for a test run over the weekend. It was a vast improvement and so much fun. Summer heat you can do your worst...I'm headed to the lake. Look for the girl with the beefy shoulders.   

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  1. YAY! So exciting. Watch those rocks, they eat a boards. :(