A New Season


It's been seven weeks since my unofficial retirement from the world of ultrasound. A retirement I've been looking forward to for many years, since about day one on the job. It feels as if a dark cloud has lifted. It's not that life has suddenly become perfect. There are now even more unknowns and just as many disappoints.  It's also not necessarily the job's fault. It was a job that I was and am thankful for. A career that many of my classmates from school and coworkers find fulfilling and satisfying. It just wasn't the job for me.

I'm not sure what the future holds for myself and Denver. But I am overwhelmingly thankful for the opportunity to try something new. These last seven weeks have been a balm, healing the cracks that have developed over the last few years, balancing the good with the bad. Each day feels like a gift and I'm hoping that feeling of appreciation never wears off.

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