Forward, forward let us range,
Let the great world spin forever down the ringing grooves of change  -Tennyson

Life these days, is a bit like riding a bike with a messed up derailleur. I'm pushing on my pedals, straining against the hillside trying to coax my chain onto a lower ring. I'm wanting the pressure to ease the and freedom to climb at my own pace but instead my chain just crunches and grinds every time I reach for a lower gear. Forcing the ride to continue at a pace just a little bit more strenuous then would be preferred.

Our house sold remarkably fast, as seems to be happening all around the country. In less then a few hours on the market we had two offers above our asking price and within 21 days we were packing the last of our personal belongings into a Uhaul. Denver and I couldn't be more thankful for the smooth process and a project that worked out even better then we had dared hope. 

So here we are in beautiful southern Oregon. Trying to find our new groove.

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