A Time to Create


Jobs can be nice. Paychecks are even nicer. But the desire for freedom of schedule and autonomy of day-to-day life left me promising myself (and Denver) I would give creative endeavors a real attempt before pursuing a new field of classical work.  It's taken me awhile to finally get down to business, I believe it's been almost six months since I quit my ultrasound job, but it's finally happening.

My first project was to restore and re-upholster six beautiful, but abused, quartersawn oak chairs that a friend had gifted us. The project took lots of advice (and of course tools) from my Dad and Denver but I eventually did all the work myself. From refinishing and reassembling the frames, all the joints were wobbly and loose, to removing and replacing the seat upholstery.

For a non-hobbyist type of person it's been a challenge, but it has also been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in my adult life. It's incredibly satisfying to create something that can actually be worn and/or enjoyed. To create something rather then just consume. The chairs gave me confidence to tackle some silversmithing and with the help of numerous online tutorials and a how-to book close at hand I've been able to make some pieces I would actually consider wearing myself. My silver pieces are rough, I'd hate to show them to a real silversmith, but each consecutive project is finishing up just a little bit better then the last. My Dad has graciously let me take up residence in his shop for the remainder of the summer, I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to find a space quite as perfect again.

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