Desolation Wilderness


Into the wilderness we marched. Spending three days and two nights traversing some of the most beautiful country that we've yet to explore in the Tahoe area. We began our traverse at the trail head in Emerald Bay and finished at the Echo Lakes. The guys liked to make their own cross-country trails. These trails didn't necessarily save time but I have been strongly assured that they cut down on the scheduled twenty miles significantly. Regardless we were left with plenty of time to explore, kick-back on some granite pad and watch the sky, swim in any lake that looked inviting, attempt to fish, drink a little whiskey, and eat some freeze-dried goodness. Turns out Brandon & Breanne are our backpacking kindred spirits. All about fast and light, hiking-isn't-all-it's-cracked-up-to-be, who-wants-to-carry-extra kind of mentality. Denver and I actually looked like Norman Clyde (an old-time Sierra man known for carrying a 90lb pack weighed down with rifles, cast iron pans, a full-size ax and books of Greek poetry) compared to them and their 11lb packs.

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