Fall is in the air. The cooler nights and less intense heat testify to apple pie and brightly colored leaves to come. All these things remind me of my Mom. She is big on all seasons, changing seasons. Big on seasonal food and seasonal activities, but particularly big on Fall. We don't live too far away and sure there's always the telephone or email but it's just not the same. Today I'd like to be out in the garden together, maybe lamenting on the fact that the potatoes really didn't do that well this year but take a look at all that corn. We'd maybe talk about how the magpies are really doing a number on the cherries and how Dad was going to have to shoot a few.

Makes me wish we were headed out on one of our bi-annual girl's shopping trips, because you do know that every changing season calls for a few wardrobe updates.  Or maybe flipping through that newest Sundance catalog that arrived in the mail, full of cozy sweaters and cute boots. Mom would always dog-ear the pages with items that caught her eye but then wait a few months to order, until every reasonable size was out of stock (this shopping method is good for the budget, I suppose, but always makes me crazy). 

This morning I had some free time, so I gathered some produce from my not quite-so-stellar garden and made some chocolate chip cookies. Excited that it's finally cool enough to risk turning on the oven and because maybe that is what's happening back home. I also thought about washing the windows, because that is more likely what's happening back home, but really? I'm not feeling that sentimental. I wanted to call and say hello but the lump in my throat was just a little too big.


  1. Chocolate chip cookies out of produce from the garden? What sort of health cook book did that come from? ha.

    Nice words, my dear. Good and true.

  2. That's pretty funny. doesn't your garden grow cookie ingredients?!