Job's Peak, Job's Sister & Freel Peak


The plan was to do something mellow and short as the flu officially put the stops on a longer more techincal climb. Freel Peak was said to have incredible views so we found directions to the trailhead and Denver loaded up on Sudafed, Gatorade and crackers. The trailhead wasn't all that easy to find so eventually we just parked the truck with the ridgeline in view and traveled cross-country. We ended up at the saddle between Job's Sister and Freel Peak and decided that we might as well summit Job's Sister before heading over to Freel Peak. Freel Peak didn't end up taking all that long, we had plenty of remaining daylight, and weren't quite ready to head back to the truck. Job's peak was in the opposite direction so back we went along the ridgline, up and over Job's Sister, and finally to the top of Job's peak. Our one peak turned to three but the views were amazing and there's no stopping Denver once he sets his eye on a mountain top.

We did lots of hiking/peak bagging when we first got married. We were living in Alaska at the time and it was too wet in the summer to really do much else. In the beginning I'd complain bitterly about having to always have to climb up something. "Why can't we just hike across something?" I'd say out of breath and frustrated. Denver would always promise that next time we could. He'd start out with good intentions, letting me choose the trail and plan the day.  Once we got out on the trail though, there was always "that" distant tantalizing peak. His pace would invariably quicken and he'd look around at me, his eyes asking me to be gracious because some things simply can't be helped.  He'd take off up the hill and I'd follow him and that's pretty much how it's been ever since.

Job's Peak, with a view of Freel Peak and Job's Sister

The top of Job's sister

the top of Freel Peak

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