Arcata & The Redwoods


My family all convened in Arcata, CA for the weekend (save Travis, Karen & Melody, far away in another land). We hiked through Fern Canyon and around Trinidad. We tide-pooled, built sand castles, ate yummy crepes, drank local brews & squeezed in a few brisk surf sessions. We admired the magical forests, towering trees and an impressively cold ocean.

Our lifestyle improves 10 fold when my parents are around, comfy warm beds, hot showers and delicious food. Dad & Mom are seriously some of the most generous people I know. Frugal with themselves and quick to share with others. While generosity doesn't come easily to my natural self, I'm trying to pick up a few tricks of the trade.



  1. Great pics, but that looks like some cold surfing.

    1. Thanks! And yes, a little too cold for my blood :-)