It's a good life


We put our house on the market nine days ago and have since been trying to "not live" at home. It seems like showings are spaced about an hour apart during the day...just long enough to make a mess that needs to be cleaned up before the next showing. It's a little like living in a fish bowl with all the curious drive-bys and house-circlers. Now if only all these viewers would make us a decent offer. To be honest, there's something to be said about a selling frenzy and I didn't realize how hard it would be to turn down an offer, even a low-ball one, when it came our way.We decided on a set amount that would make selling worth-our-while before putting the house on the market and we're sticking to our guns.  If the house doesn't sell in the next 21 days, we'll give it another go next spring. Stick to the plan, sister.

In the meantime, since staying home is the pits, here's to being out-of-town. We were able to spend another four days at the beach, surfing in the mornings and doing whatever-catches-our-fancy all afternoon. AND finally making happy hour at the Seabright Brewery in Santa Cruz. Monday-Thursday happy hour includes half-off appetizers. I'm talking a pile of calamari, a bucket of clams, and a plate-full of salmon bites AND a drink for each of us, for under 20 bucks.

There's been enough of my tears this week to last us both a lifetime. Some stuff is sad, some stuff can't be fixed. Although the combination of waves and a surf board and half-off appetizers does make for a pretty good band-aid. We are both freshly reminded of Grace, freely given, and ridiculously expensive.



  1. It has been an emotional week here too. I wish I could send you a zinnia, but an e-hug will have to do. Hoping the house sells quickly, praying that transitions are smooth and that God blesses you with health, laughter, and a bidding war.

  2. well said. love you.