Mt Laurel via The Northeast Gully


Our seven year anniversary happened this month. It happened on a Monday and kind of slid by without much notice; hardly a high-five. We couldn't let a Monday ruin our party, so we decided that a celebration anytime during the anniversary month would count. And so we celebrated with a trip to Mammoth area, to do a fun route on Mount Laurel that I've been wanting to climb all summer.

The route was interesting, with a quick approach then continuous steep scrambling for the next 3500ft.  Luckily it didn't take too long and we were back to the parking lot changing into swimsuits in just under four hours. We jumped in the lake to cool off and clean off, and then drove a little ways down the road to see if we could find some hot springs.  Some local folks we had met at the top had tipped us off to the location of this tub, and we were stoked 'cause we've been poking around mammoth for a couple of years without finding a good soaking spot.  Turned out that it was one of the best natural tubs we've ever been in, piping hot with beautiful views. Can't wait to return there after a long ski day. I can already imagine how good that's going to feel!

Mt Laurel in all her glory. Love this view!


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    1. I nice! Goodbye mop-head, we'll see you again in six months.