Sky Lakes


One of the most enjoyable aspects of our time in Oregon has been closer proximity to family, the ability to participate in every day life and simply exist together.  Kayce and Garret (the youngest of my siblings, ages 11 and 9) have become some of our best buddies.  Both of them hike with more tenacity then many adults and spend more nights camping out on the front lawn then they spend in their own beds. Their lawn-camping season begins when the nights are still frosty and presses on through all sorts of inclement weather so it seemed they were ready for a true backpacking trip. We found our backpacks in the storage unit (a feat in and of itself) and headed out into the Sky Lakes wilderness. The trip was a success. The miles on trail went quickly. We found a great little lakeside campsite, successfully warded off the larger-than-life mosquitoes, filtered drinking water from the lake and honed our fire starting technique. The wildflowers have been abundant after all the spring rain, making every scene just that much prettier.  

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