sheesh, that guy i married is 28-years-old.
starting to feel like time is against us, so much to do and so little time.
 i feel like we're racing the clock, which is a stupid race because we're sure to lose.

we've been wanting to bring our mountain bikes to santa cruz for a while now, having heard so much about the singeltrack in the area, and were certainly not disappointed.
it is a pretty incredible experience to go zipping along through the redwoods, the trails are incredibly smooth and fast.

there was a woodies on the wharf event happening over the weekend.
although by the time we finally made it downtown (traffic was a bit of a cluster cuss) it was woodies in a parking lot for us.
i'm not usually that into old cars, but there is just something extra special about these iconic surf-era cars.

we ended our weekend getaway with a stop in san francisco to pick-up a range spotted on craigslist. made us feel somewhat justified for taking four days off of house work. it's hard to leave guilt-free these days with such a mega-project on our hands.
the range is bright shiny and beautiful, can't wait to get the sucker in our new kitchen.


  1. Ah, I like this. It's very sweet. And pictures are beautiful as usual. xxo

    1. Thanks!we got the VSCO presets you were telling me about....can you tell?

    2. Yes! I love them.