mt rose meadows to chimney beach downhill


taking a breather at the mid-point mark on marlette peak
definetly looking a little worse for wear. it's been warm out folks!
i'm not complaining though, can't help but love these hot summer days.

the plan was to give ourselves an early start and try to avoid the late afternoon heat but our intentions were waylaid by a shady front porch, cool morning air and a latte in had...that latte machine is really getting the best of us these days.

we finally made it off the porch and up to the trailhead only to discover that denver's bike had a flat and we didn't have the correct repair pieces.
back down the hill to the house for the needed piece
back up the hill to the trailhead, so much for beating the heat.

it was one of the harder trails we've done on our mountain bikes, due to mileage and elevation gain, but the views were incredible and that portion of the tahoe rim trail is my favorite so far.

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