yuba river


an invite to spend the afternoon at the yuba river was a welcome break from our weekend designated to working on the house.

before we made our escape to the river though, we did manage to reside/stain two of the exterior walls. denver had previously decided that we wouldn't need to replace the exsisting roof and some of the exsisting exterior siding but it's been a bit tricky coming up with a solution to blend the old and the new.

we eventually decided to go for vertical fir siding with weathered steel in the eves and opted to stain the old/new the same color; for a deliciously dark monotone look that also pleases the very lazy paint contractor (myself). i had been secretly hoping for black siding all along but finally realized it just didn't work with our house style and surrounding environment. we eventually settled on a dark grey that seems to suit the house so much better, blends the old wood with the new and really works with the tiled roof, at least we think so. i can't wait to show pictures of the progress.

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