lake tahoe


Each time I catch a glimpse, it's like I'm seeing it for the very first time, like we've just discovered a new landmark and will soon be joining Lewis and Clark in the american history books. Never mind the massive houses lining the shores and boats scooting to and fro across the surface like a game of tic-tac-toe.  

The beaches on the west and north shores are always nice. but my favorite is the east side, massive freckled granite boulders trace the shoreline, providing hours of endless entertainment and the perfect place to spend an afternoon.


  1. Oh no! I would have been tempted to stay underwater too. At least your suit stayed on! I have never been brave enough to do more then a feet-first pencil "dive" after an unfortunate incident while playing in the surf as a high-schooler.

    1. that would of been remarkably horrifying...i guess things can always get worse. :-) makes me laugh and shudder all at the same time.

  2. This is possibly the best blog every written. I die. You are funny.

  3. i'm so glad you thought it was funny! thanks for the note