The Best Commute Ever


I’ve been commuting to work this year on a small part of Anchorage’s super nifty trail system. I usually cycle, but some rare days I’ll just let my own two feet make the traverse. On even rarer days when the snow gets too deep or my tire is too flat I have the opportunity to walk my bike to work.The commute takes about twenty-five minutes cycling and about forty-five minutes on foot. I get to breathe the fresh air, feel the pale sun on my face, and scrape the icicles that grow in the corner of my eyes. I make my way to work in the great outdoors, but make my way home in the warmth of the truck. Denver picks me up every night and gets us both home in about seven minutes.


  1. Hi, I just was clicking "next blog" on blogger and hit yours, Just wanted to say you or someone have taken some cool pics!

    Here in Madison, WI, and we have been super cold here,(and a record breaking year for snow) feels like Alaska! :)

  2. Ah. How wonderful! -especially the part about D picking you up. :)
    My commute today was Jeep windows down, reggae playing and a little white zip-up hoodie. It reminded me of those days when we would try and get a tan from the first almost warm sun rays on the barn roof.
    I asked someone when spring came in Portland; they replied, "oh, March... April... May... well, actually it just turns from winter to summer." What a laugh! It IS spring and its the second week of February!

  3. So you are that crazy person I see on the bike every morning?

    It was nice to see your blog. I was wondering what you guys had been up to and now I am fully caught up.

    I tried calling a few weeks ago, just to say hello. Glad to hear you are well.

    Have a great day,

    Your less adventurous Alaskan friends

    P.S. Great pics, you should consider a career in photography!