The Ski Project


Chelsea rescently got a pair of twin tip alpine skis and it didn't take long for her to decide that the topsheet graphics sucked. As in, bulldogs with reptillian wings and maces and flying squirrels wielding butcher knives. (see below).

So we decided that, rather than act like (insert name of a political figure you dispise)and just sit around complaining loudly we would act like (insert name of political figure you admire), and do something about it. So we made a quick sortie to Freddy's, Home Depot, and Michaels. (I try to stay clear of Michaels as a rule, and never go alone. You never know when a crafter will snap, and use thier decorative edging shears to turn you into fishbait). We returned triumphant with three different kinds of spray paint, some bling-tastic stickers, and... well, need I say more? The results speak for themselves.


  1. Excellent! I was wondering when you'd post about your triumphant project. They're beautiful!

  2. very nice.

    And true about Michael's regulars - don't let the sweet old lady with imitation flowers and puff paint bit fool you. They're a dangerous lot.

  3. retail value.....meeaaaaaWOMP!