Skiing Harp Mountain


Our most recent adventure was just outside of Anchorage with a ski tour of Harp Mountain. The ascent was rather long due to a nasty surface layer of breakable crust, nessecitating lots of boot packing, but the sun gleaming off the solid ice in the couloirs we were going to ski kept our morale high. What a relief to gain the ridge! An hour later we were picnicking on the top of our chosen route.

Our adventure buddies: Shad, Anne and the dog.

After we got through the throat of the couloir we actually discovered a little pow stash. We were able to ski an awesome line all the way back to the car. This is Shad throwing down in true telemark style.

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  1. What? Mountains? Jargon? My very hard-core relatives? Blogging?

    You, my dear people, have just united several of my favorite things. Congratulations!

    Also, under that picture of your of Shad and Anne, you say "Shad, Anne and the dog."... and I thought, "Now that's not a nice thing to call Chelsea!" and then I saw that there really was a dog there. Haha. :)