Love vs Powder


The cheesy valentine val-o-grams made their annual appearance in the newspaper today. Many of the val-o-grams are sincere declarations of eternal love and devotion, "If music be the food of love, play on" or "Can't wait to see ya so I can squeeze ya." Yet one in particular caught my eye. "I love you more then Todd's run on a powder day." Todd's run is a favorite, a sick run, legends have surfaced from this run, and well, 'ol Todd sacrificed his life for it.

Despite all I had heard about Todd's run, the val-o-gram seemed a little lacking in real adoration. Of course the author loves the girl with a love that outlasts any powder run pounding. Couldn't he think of something more appropriate to convey his ardent affections? Later this evening I showed Denver the val-o-gram. He pondered the line and squinted in my direction, "How much powder do they mean," he questioned, "three or four inches? or are we measuring powder by body parts? knee deep? waist deep?"

Happy Valentines Day

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  1. Hey guys. Glad to hear you're blogging, as--they tell me--all normal people are these days. We have one too, ( but so far I've been dreadful at keeping it updated. Its fun to read yours though!!